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Just A Little Monday Motivation

The Skinny Confidential gives advice for getting off your ass!

I saw this quote on Instagram the other day & it popped out at me like gnarly-ass ‘Jack in the Box.’


Well, duh, since I’m a girl, I bitch.

I bitch at my boyfriend for leaving the toilet seat up ( like, honestly…how hard is it to close the lid when you’re done? I mean at 2 am the other night, I literally fell in. Sick. ), at the annoying driver who cut me off, & I obviously bitch about “Real Housewives” to anyone who’s willing to listen.

But what about bitching about more serious stuff? You know, you know, like:

♡ Your body
♡ Calories/food/what’s in the fridge/etc.
♡ A shitty job
♡ Not enough sleep
♡ A toxic “friend”
♡ A negative living situation

Here’s the deal: all of the above are dictated by you.

That’s right: you & only you. You’re kinda all you got when it comes to changing the above negative situations in your life.

So, let’s discuss. Ahem:

|| Your body || get off the couch & move! Run, swim, dance, walk, hike, etc. No one’s going to change your exercise routine ( or body ) for you.

|| Food || no one is forcing you to eat crap. Find creative ways to eat clean. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Stock your fridge with healthy options, pack your lunch, & use portion controlled bowls.

|| A shitty job || having a shitty job makes you miserable in other areas of your life. Rectify the situation ASAP. Start finding other avenues to make cash, put the word out that you’re in the market for a new job, &/or send out your resume…anywhere & everywhere.

|| Not enough sleep || when people tell me they don’t sleep, I don’t think it’s cool. I don’t think it’s commendable. I don’t think think it makes them a hard worker who’s a total go-getter. Sleep is essential for healing. It heals your cells. Sleep makes you a better person. Figure out ways to sleep, sleep, sleep. Seriously. Sleep= happier life.

|| A toxic friend || say no, say no, say no. Read more on the power of no here. Start cutting any negative energy out to make more room for good people. Because honestly? There are a lot good, good people. And who has time for poisonous people? Buh-bye!

|| A negative living situation || don’t stay in a crappy living situation. Once I had a roommate who stole from me…it happened one time & I immediately moved out ( she literally stole all my handbags…). I was young, broke, & just starting out…but it didn’t matter: I booked my ass out of that two bedroom & figured out a Plan B. In my opinion, living in a negative situation is bad for your health. But really, being comfortable in your living space provides peace of mind.

Seriously though, lately my motto is: absolutely no bitching if I choose to keep myself in an unhealthy situation…anyone with me?

( Does being around someone who leaves the toilet seat up count? Technically it’s not very healthy if I fall in…hint, hint babe ).

So. On that note, thank God it’s Sunday because Monday’s fresh start. A clean slate. A time to look forward, not backwards.

Go kill it tomorrow. xx. L

Wait What? Cotton Candy Ice Cream. Ya. I Know, Right?!

The Skinny Confidential shares healthy recipes like cotton candy ice cream.

The Skinny Confidential shares healthy recipes like cotton candy ice cream.

The Skinny Confidential shares healthy recipes like cotton candy ice cream.Ok, so this is totally off topic but we can just talk about my spaghetti squash obsession?

I literally can’t get enough lately.

I’m seriously, like, going to turn into a walking squash. It’s turning into a creepy problem.

For some reason, I’m like a pregnant pickle lady lately. But I’m not pregnant & the pickle is spaghetti squash.

Speaking of obsessions, let’s talk about ice cream.

Not nasty-ass dairy filled ice cream. Clean ice cream…that’s so damn good it hurts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

The Skinny Confidential shares healthy recipes like cotton candy ice cream.Also, add a few berries if you want it to be a pretty pink color. Basically all you do is blend the above ingreds ( 1 1/2 banana, about 10 raspberries, 3 tablespoons of goji powder, 2 drops of vanilla, & a handful of ice ). After its blended add some coconut flakes on top & then get ready for a strobe light, techno party in your mouth.

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Instagram feed & died with excitement when I found this cotton candy ice cream via Loni Jane ( << my favorite Insty account, by far ). I literally hoped out of bed this AM & ran, skipped, did ‘the Jig’ to the nearest store. & lemme tell you, this hot pink recipe is going down as one of my favorites. It’s refreshing, delicious, & gets rid of any ice cream/sorbet craving. Plus there’s some badass benefits of goji berries: it aids in mental well-being/calmness, athletic performance, happiness, & enhances quality of sleep.

BTW: Dang coconut chips are just ridiculous. There’s three ingredients in them ( coconut, coconut sugar, & sea salt ) and they can be added to everything & anything…think: oatmeal, fruit bowls, smoothies, etc.

Ok, I’m off to eat a little more spaghetti squash & watch “The Following.”


{ Little, portion controlled bowls found here }.

The Skinny Confidential shares healthy recipes like cotton candy ice cream.

The Skinny Confidential shares healthy recipes like cotton candy ice cream.

My Summer 2014 Bikini…

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

With Summer 2014 around the corner I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bikini.

& welp, it looks like I found the winner.

This flirty, floral number by Lady Lux Swimwear is seriously ahhhhmazzzzing.

It holds everything in in all the right places & really keeps ‘the girls’ perky & energetic.

(( Because you don’t want any of that saggy action going on )).

And let’s be real: there’s nothing I love more than a flattering bikini, a pool with a diving board, skinny margs…& a oversized, extravagant striped umbrella ( you guys know how I feel about the sun…I’m a hat & SPF-kinda girl— so not the UV reflector abuser, sun worshipper-kind ). So anyway this bikini really fits with the game plan AKA my summertime vision.

This suit is also clearly designed by a women, which is muy importante. So many suits these days are designed by men. & honestly? A man designing a girl’s swimsuit, is like a women designing a high end jockstrap…ouchhhhh.

Back to the floral two piece- it also happens to go perf with Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ & Wendy Peppercorn-ish cat eye white sunglasses.


Love the detail in it too:

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

The Skinny Confidential on swimwear.

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.Oh, I’m also always a fan of the simple black suit ( just in case Aunt Flow’s in town & rearing her ugly, bloated head— preparation is key ). I ESP like this one because it’s black, gold, & super chic. I mean, picture it now: lounging poolside with this black dime, bright red nails, & a huge ass hat?

Geezzzz—- summer can’t come soon enough.

Since it’s freaking hard to really find a flattering, bikini, I become sorta obsessed/Swim Fan-ish when I find one I actually like. Soooo naturally when this floral winner came into my life, I had to hold a show & tell with you guys.

What’s your must-have bikini for summer? Spill.


{ BTW: Lady Lux Swimwear is offering 10% off to TSC readers — just use the code SKINNYLADY ( cap sensitive ) }.

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

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