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Bomb Ass Trail Mix That Takes 10 Seconds

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.
The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.

Ohhhhh…you know what’s good? Like, real, real good?

Almonds x coconut flakes.

& then add in a little berry medley, & it’s better than good.

Seriously mind blowing.

So if you’re a health nut, like me, I have a sweet, lil treat for you: toasted coconut x unsalted almond, dried berry trail mix.

I mean…

Here’s my deal with trail mix: I’m not a trail mixie-in-the-car-only-kinda-person. My trail mix has a serious purpose: I put it in 100 calorie Ziplock bags & put it in each of my handbags.

I also put little portion controlled bowls throughout my house. I have them in my kitchen so when I’m cooking I can grab a convenient, healthy snack. I have them in my room by bed so I don’t slam cookies down my throat at midnight. I have them in my living room for friends to snack on because bowls of candy are overrated.

A bowl of nature’s candy is way better:

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.

Some benefits of almonds? Glad you asked.

Sexy, delish unsalted almonds reduce the risk of heart attacks, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol, protect artery walls from damage, build strong bones/teeth, aid in weight loss, nourish the nervous system, & alkalize the body.

This trail mix also obviously includes coconut flakes ( contains protein, fiber, zinc, & iron ), dried goji berries ( helps with stress & they’re anti-aging! ), & dried blueberries ( filled with antioxidants & Vitamin C ). If you want to get cray, add some dark chocolate chips too.

Oh! & I’m a not a measure-y person, so I basically did a handful of almonds & a 1/2 handful of the rest of the ingreds.

Easy, peasy.

And don’t forget to add your mixture to a 100 cal Ziplock bag for the perfect mid-day snack.

What’s your favorite DIY trail mix? xx. L

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.

The Skinny Confidential talks DIY trail mix.


Mini DeLites

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.{ M & I ( dress here // sandals here // iPhone case here }}

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.{ Fresh peach Bellinis }

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.{ Our Easter table by Burlap & Crystal }

Easter madness is over & I’m freaking pooped.

Ya. Pooped.

Even though Easter was super fun ( I mean, who the hell doesn’t like fresh Bellinis on a Sunday? ), I’m glad to get back on track today.

& naturally Monday roared it’s usual ugly, bitchy head…( but extra bitchy because yesterday was a holiday. Boo. ). So today was jammed pack from start to finish but now I’m feeling ready for tomorrow. Monday’s e-mail load was comparable to the Post Office truck dumping all its envelopes/package on my face— fun times, fun times.

So this picture is of Karen ( Michael’s aunt ), Michael, & I. His birthday was two weeks ago & I gave this to him as a gift. The painting is of him & I on Halloween, dressed as creepy skeletons painted by Karen ( << how amazing is she?! ). Anyway, I gifted it to him yesterday; check it out:

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.

Ok, back to Easter: we spent the day between Michael’s parent’s house & my parent’s house. We enjoyed lots of sunshine, lox/bagels, peach tea, & family. It was nice to kick back & relax without a computer ( WTF’s a girl to do without a comp? Yikes! ).

How did you enjoy your Sunday? Any special plans?

xx. le

{{ Pic 3 // 5 // 7 by Burlap & Crystal }}

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.{ Me & Susie }

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.{ Easter orchids from my friend, Jen }

The Skinny Confidential talks Easter.{ My brother, Myles…how cute is he?! }

Happiest Easter! x.

The Skinny Confidential on Easter.

Hi beauties!

I’m enjoying family, friends, bellinis, & finger sandwiches today! Hope you’re all chilled out & celebrating the beautiful day!

Happy Sunday/Easter, xx. le

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