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Reebok x The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

Ahhh– it’s official: spring is finally here!


As you guys know I’m a huge fan of black, grey, white but a lil color during springtime never hurt a flea.

So today I’m excited to share the new periwinkle Reebok #Skyscape kicks I’ve been rocking! They’re super comfortable/lightweight & add that pop of color to my normal black/grey/white get-up. Also, for extra flair I added a gold ankle bracelet.

Side note: tennis shoes are making a major comeback— I’m so over ten inch heels that kill my feet, ESP in hot weather. Tennis shoes are sexy in an understated way.

Don’t believe me? Welp, believe Miranda Kerr then:

Reebok x The Skinny Confidential.

Reebok x The Skinny Confidential

She loves her Reebok #Skyscapes so much that they’re all over her Instagram. Miranda ( << one of the most beautiful women in the world. I mean…right?! ) makes the #Skyscapes look so chic & sexy, I needed a pair ASAP. Check it out:

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

BTW, lucky you: Reebok is giving away a $120 gift card to customize one pair ( << created by you & only you ) of your own Skyscapes! Enter to win by simply ‘liking’ the TSC Facebook page and sharing your dream weekend plans rockin’ it in your custom Reebok Skyscapes. One lucky sex kitten will be chosen on April 23rd, 2014. Also, don’t forget to enter Reebok’s theEscape with SkyScape Sweepstakes–– basically it’s the best prize ever: an all-inclusive spa weekend for two!

Ummm…can I enter?? I need a vacay stat.

Anyway, find more on my Reebok-inspired Pin board.


{{ Shop it: black beanie ( << on sale! ) || black & gold sunglasses || grey tee || black jeans || periwinkle kicks }}

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

Fitness Time: This Week’s Workout Wardrobe

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Let’s be real: working out sucks if you don’t look cute.

Like, sweats & an oversized tee don’t work for me. And if I’m busting ass in the gym then my ass should at least look cute, right?

What’s so annoying though: there’s so many awful workout clothes for women.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so annoying if I didn’t have to see camel toes x 10 at the gym ( super awkward ). But seriously…there’s so many unflattering brands.

It’s a real sigh of relief to find workout clothes that have that special, I woke up like this, flattering-look.



Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

So today I’m sharing what I’ve worn to the gym the past three days & I can say, with complete confidence that:

1.} The brand, Splits59 ( << def one of my top favorites for workout clothes ), keeps everything tight. It slims a women in all the right areas. It’s almost like the Spanx of workout clothes. Their stuff hugs in all the right areas.

2.} These black pants make my life. And anything with thumbholes really gets me going.

3.} & just so we’re clear: I felt cute- not frumpy/dull/shabby/homely.

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Because let’s face it: feeling cute during a workout makes it sooo much better. And anything that makes my ass looks tighter is a total


P.S. all my favorite workout moves will be found in my book ; ). Pre-order here.

{ Black pullover // black pants ‘flare’ // black pants ‘capri’ // teal hoodie // white pullover // black ‘X’ tank // sports bra // shoes // sunglasses // gold ring // gold stack ring }

{{ Photo cred: Steven Levas }}

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

photo (1)

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Let’s Get Real & Talk About Fitness

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.Welp…someone had to say it.

I read this quote the other day on Pinterest…& man oh man did it resonate.

Like, there are so many people out there who are waiting for someone else to do it.

You know the type? People with their heads buried so deep in the sand so they don’t have to face reality?


The truth is that in fitness…( & life ) no one’s going to bust your ass for you.


I know, I know, I wish I had like, two muscle-y men to come fetch me out of bed every morning to carry me on a king carrier/litter to the gym whilst feeding me plump grapes & green juice….

But newsflash (!!): no one’s going to carry me to the gym, or hold my hands at Pilates, or force my ass out of bed for a beach workout.


Ok so, here’s my advice: keep.yourself.accountable.

How the hell do you do that? Well:

1.} Google calendars: just, seriously the best invention ever. Scheduling your workouts in your calendar does something crayyyyy to the subconscious. Don’t believe me? Try it.

2.} Plan on working out seven days a week. Trust. Read more here.

3.} Workout with a friend. If I plan a workout with friends, it feels like a date that I can’t stand up.

4.} Be realistic. For me waking up at 5 am & going for a chill, lil 9 mile run isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer late afternoon Pilates or 9 am barre class. If you work 9-5, then schedule your workouts to work with what is easiest for YOU. Just because your co-worker goes to gym at 5:30 pm, doesn’t mean that works for YOU. Maybe you’re a morning person? IDK. Doing whatever works for you is a no-fail plan.

 5.} Lay your workout clothes out. Ya. Like in 5th grade. It seriously is a game-changer.

6.} Ultimately: “it’s your ass. You move it.” You can’t hire someone ( unfortunately ) to move your ass. So if you’re waiting around waiting for you butt to shrink, it’s not going to shrink on the couch. Move it or lose it.

BTW: it’s not always easy. There are so many days I want to be a lazy shit & sit on the couch & watch “Housewives.” But laziness never got anyone anywhere, so I drag my ass out of the house. The hardest part is always getting to the gym/studio/etc. I don’t want to be one of those fitness bloggers that’s like a cheerleader jumping up & down with excitement about the gym. It’s not RA RA, all the time. I totally have my off days…

On that note, anyone else have any fitness tips that help you stay on track?

Ok, now go sweat!! x L


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